Should the Opinions of Others Really Matter?

Source:  Alleviation

Alleviation means to make something easier to endure.

By definition alleviation implies the presence of suffering or anguish.  Conforming to the opinions of others can create internal conflict.  However, struggling with acceptance can be alleviated by letting go of the need to conform to the opinions or unwritten “standards” that others have set for you.

Whether the opinions of others should really matter to me or not is something I have struggled with for many years.  You see, I used to be a “people pleaser”.  If someone wanted me to be less opinionated, I would be less opinionated.  If someone wanted me to dress in lace and frills, I would dress in lace and frills.  (NOT a good thing for a “tomboy”!)  It seemed as though I was all too willing to bend and fit the mold of what others thought I “ought to be”.  Was I really THAT worried about what other people think?  Evidently I was, because I was quick to “conform” to the opinions of others.

I suppose there is a positive quality in being “flexible”.  But the problem with bending too much is that over time you get lost in the identity of what others want you to be and completely lose yourself in the labels they thrust upon you.  So you see, if you worry too much about the opinions of others . . . you will find that eventually you become misplaced in one of the self-limiting boxes that someone else has tried to put you in.

Before you realize it, you are trapped inside the prison of conformity . . . in a place where you will never reach your full potential!  Do not be afraid to grow into yourSELF!  Perhaps it is better to think outside the box, have your own opinions and be who you were always meant to be!  Your driving force to achieve your personal goals should be set by you, at your own pace, and not by others.

Of course there are two sides to every coin!  If you always behave in a manner that is unbecoming, flitting through life without a care or worry about what others think, you might just find yourself alone.  But hey!  If you are okay with that . . .

Seriously though . . . if you know who YOU are, and you believe that God is OKAY with who you are, then why should it matter if someone thinks you are opinionated, or if you are a little rough around the edges?  Why should it matter if you like to watch cartoons, or cry during Star Trek?  (NOT talking about “myself” here, of course!  Hahahaha!)  Why should it matter if you think there is more to the universe and God than what you’ve ever been told?

(DEFINITELY talking about myself here . . . )

I have been thinking about this particular mountain in my life for quite some time.  When I first started blogging three years ago (on a less popular blogging site), it didn’t take long for me to be attacked by my “brothers and sisters” for some of my beliefs.  And when I started practicing Reiki . . . the attacks actually got a lot worse (and a little rude, quite frankly).

[I’m going to interrupt myself here . . . I know . . . annoying, right?!? It is the opinion of many that one cannot believe in God and practice Reiki . . . in my opinion, how can someone practice Reiki and NOT at least begin to acknowledge a Higher Power outside themselves?]

Anyway, I have seen miracles happen . . . miracles in my own life and absolutely BEAUTIFUL transformations in the lives of others.  I’m sorry folks, but miracles only come from GOD!  It’s not the boogey-man, or the devil, or anything I am doing.  I’m just happy to be a witness to what God can do!

I have struggled over the years so much to overcome worrying about the opinions of others.  I’ve even temporarily “morphed” into who others thought I should be.  Through my experience I have learned that it is indeed very, VERY difficult to pretend to be something that you’re not . . . or worse still, to pretend that you’re NOT something you truly are.  You are how God made you, and the opinion of the One who made you is the one that should REALLY matter!

So I will ask you . . . should the opinions of others really matter?  Should only the good ones matter?  Should only the bad ones matter?  Or should we only desire to care about what we think of ourselves and what our Creator thinks of us?

By the way . . . I am not trying to sway your opinion . . . just merely stating my own . . .  after all, I am opinionated!  ; )

Know your own worth!

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