Balancing Yin and Yang

In the world of mystic energy (i.e. life force, prana, ki or chi) one often overlooked subject is that of yin-yang energy.  We take for granted that Reiki, crystal healing and other forms of Biofield Therapy will balance all.  Indeed they can and do.  But for those of you who meditate to balance your life-force energy awareness and focus is the key to achieving balance.

When we meditate upon our chakras, we are balancing their energy.  In order to balance our yin-yang, or male/female energy, we simply need to raise our awareness and focus upon that energy flow as well.

Yin, or female energy, maintains the following characteristics:

  • nurturing
  • recessive
  • negatively charged
  • “dark” in nature

Yang, or male energy, maintains the following characteristics:

  • assertiveness
  • strength
  • positively charged
  • “light” in nature

When focusing on yin-yang energy, it is important to understand that “dark” and “light” does not equate “good” or “bad”.  The same holds true for “negative” and “positive” charge or energy flow.

When yin-yang is out of balance, either the masculine or feminine traits will dominate an individual.  For example, when “yin” is in control, we tend to be overly passive or submissive, and tend to nurture others at our own expense.  In other words, we tend to “give away” our energy to others to the point of draining ourselves.  When “yang” is in control, we may be overly aggressive, or assertive to the point of taking from others.

Chakras and Chakra Balancing

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Yin Yang Balance

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