On a Journey

Source: Picture Jasper – On a Journey

The Journey

I’ve traveled down this road before – –
I can’t recall just when.
A weary mind and feet are sore;
Through darkness I have been!

The path is winding further still – –
grown darker, getting bleak.
And it shall not be long until
I fall because I’m weak.

But then I see a glimpse ahead
of Golden Rays of Light;
The path that’s paved with pain and dread
behind me at the Sight!

Tho’ dismal days I’ve traveled long,
I wondered naught to see!
For Hope cries out and writes a song,
then plays a melody.

© 2017.  All Rights Reserved.

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.  Pablo Picasso.

4 thoughts on “On a Journey

    1. I am so pleased to read that you are well Willow. I have been worried about you. Glad you’re okay. I’m fine and happy thank you my friend. :) <3

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