Mental Illness or Shamanic Crisis?

What a Shaman Sees in a Mental Hospital (follow link)

is a well-written article on mental illness from the perspective of a Shaman.  The article suggests that mental illnesses are not what they seem, and that the illness could very well be a shamanic initiation.

However, it is important to understand that not all mental illnesses can be categorized as “shamanic” in nature.  The article does not clearly make that point, so I am making it now!  It is dangerous to play around with your health, mental or otherwise.  It is also dangerous to play in the world of shamanic practice.

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual healing tradition among tribal cultures.

Shamanic practice has recently gained momentum as a spiritual practice in the modern world.  It seems more and more people are fascinated with the idea of being a Shaman.  But becoming a “Shaman” is not something someone chooses to do, rather, the Shamanic Way chooses them.  It is not for the faint at heart.

Source: Celestial Spirit – Soul Shaman by Willows Cabin

Typically, signs of a shamanic calling begin early in childhood.

There are “signs” that an individual is being called for this spiritual office.  The signs continue until the individual takes their “position” as a shamanic healer.  The individual also undergoes extensive spiritual training.  Prior to practice, at some point in the life of a Shaman, the individual will experience an initiatory process which results in a shamanic spiritual “crisis”.  Often a Shaman will have an experience with death or critical illness from which they recover . . . often healed by the very practice they are learning.

It is the belief of the Shaman that a transformation occurs during a time of crisis, whether from mental or physical illness.  On the other side of the illness, healing takes place and the Shaman is born.

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