Our Signature Blends™ Aromatherapies are custom made to order using 100% organic therapeutic grade pure essential oils.  Each synergistic blend is carefully and creatively formulated to lift your spirit through an energetic transformation that is transcendent.

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Our Signature Blends™ Aromatherapies are designed for use in an aromatherapy diffuser.  Use them in your home or office to enhance your environment.  Our Signature Blends™ Aromatherapies are perfect for use in your sacred space during meditation, yoga or when practicing the energetic healing arts.


NOTE:  Shipping is available within the Continental United States only.


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Precautions:  Aromatherapy should never be used by pregnant or nursing women, children, or individuals with serious health issues. Each of our Signature Blends™ Aromatherapies is clearly labeled, and ingredients should be considered and used with caution by individuals with respiratory or contact allergies. Our Signature Blends™ Aromatherapies are created for spiritual or energetic effect and Willow’s Cabin makes no claims of physical healing.