Heart Chakra

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The Anahata, or Heart chakra is our center for love and compassion. The Heart chakra is often divided into two areas:  the heart and the “high heart”.  The heart chakra houses emotional and relational love, and the “high heart” is the source of “agape” or unconditional love.  Through the collective … Continue reading Heart Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Manipura, or Solar Plexus Chakra is where our personal identity or personality is found. Who we are in our emotions flows through the Solar Plexus.  Our feeling of “belonging” is housed within this seat of emotion.  Someone who has struggled with their personal identity or sense of belonging likely has an unhealthy or blocked … Continue reading Solar Plexus Chakra

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral or Swadhisthana Chakra is the second chakra of the energy system. It is located in the lower abdomen, just below the navel.  The element is water, and the associated endocrine system is the gonads.  A healthy sacral chakra will glow a fiery crystalline orange. Those who are artistically creative will have a sacral … Continue reading Sacral Chakra

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra, or Muladhara, is the first chakra in the energy system. It radiates from the base of the spine, and runs perpendicular to the ground. The Root chakra is traditionally associated with the adrenal glands above the kidneys. A healthy root chakra will glow brilliant, clear red. Associated with the earth element, a … Continue reading Root Chakra

Wind Dancing

Source: Wind Dancing - White On Black Silhouettes Morning Rain Awaken come morning - Gentle wind song! Rain pouring down Steady and strong. Rumble of thunder Sultry and low; Beautiful sound! Sunshine aglow - Whispers, “Good morning.” Sweet Symphony! Waltz of the raindrops tickling the leaves. © 2015 Willow’s Cabin.

Autumn Harvest

Country Road - Rustic Red Barn © 2016 Source: Country Road - Rustic Red Barn Autumn Harvest I dream of amber fields, and chilly Autumn nights; Of traveled country roads where lonely dust clouds rise. The graceful sound of peace, as knees the farmer kneels; A song of sweet release and turning tractor wheels. I … Continue reading Autumn Harvest

Mental Illness or Shamanic Crisis?

What a Shaman Sees in a Mental Hospital (follow link) is a well-written article on mental illness from the perspective of a Shaman.  The article suggests that mental illnesses are not what they seem, and that the illness could very well be a shamanic initiation. However, it is important to understand that not all mental … Continue reading Mental Illness or Shamanic Crisis?

Three Tips to Calm Your Mind

If you are not over-achieving and extremely busy in today’s society, you are the exception and not the norm.  We are all guilty of this . . . we overextend, over-achieve, and over-stress ourselves to the point of breaking.  Little do we realize, however, that we are hurting our body by hurting our mind. The … Continue reading Three Tips to Calm Your Mind

Creating a Meditation Room

You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday - unless you're too busy; then you should sit for an hour.  Sukhraj Dhillon. Once you have made a conscious choice to meditate, the next step is to take action.  If you have chosen to meditate at home, then you will need a space where the … Continue reading Creating a Meditation Room

Tips for Successful Meditation

Many individuals think of sitting on top of a mountaintop with legs folded and fingers poised when thinking about successful meditation.  Meditation does not, however, have to be that extreme.  As a matter of fact, meditation can be quite simple if you follow a tips for successful meditation. Set Aside an Allotted Time. When it … Continue reading Tips for Successful Meditation