Wind Dancing

Source: Wind Dancing - White On Black Silhouettes Morning Rain Awaken come morning - Gentle wind song! Rain pouring down Steady and strong. Rumble of thunder Sultry and low; Beautiful sound! Sunshine aglow - Whispers, “Good morning.” Sweet Symphony! Waltz of the raindrops tickling the leaves. © 2015 Willow’s Cabin.

Autumn Harvest

Country Road - Rustic Red Barn © 2016 Source: Country Road - Rustic Red Barn Autumn Harvest I dream of amber fields, and chilly Autumn nights; Of traveled country roads where lonely dust clouds rise. The graceful sound of peace, as knees the farmer kneels; A song of sweet release and turning tractor wheels. I … Continue reading Autumn Harvest

On a Journey

Source: Picture Jasper - On a Journey The Journey I've traveled down this road before - - I can't recall just when. A weary mind and feet are sore; Through darkness I have been! The path is winding further still - - grown darker, getting bleak. And it shall not be long until I fall … Continue reading On a Journey


Sea of Consciousness Sea of Consciousness This I know that I am - Just one person in the sea of humanity And one wave etches stone - So also I send out waves of constant changing © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Journey of the Willow

Source: Journey Of The Willow - Abstract Blue/silver Tree Journey of the Willow Underneath the willow tree to find a way to just be me, but words of wisdom never would I hear. I'd make a wish on midnight's star of dreams I've dreamed of lands afar, but daylight came and took them all away! … Continue reading Journey of the Willow