Crystal Healing Session

Crystal Healing is a Metaphysical Energy Healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes the energetic balance. Crystal Healing uses the unique energetic frequencies which occur naturally within crystals and gemstones along with strategic placement techniques whereby the Crystal Energy aligns the energetic field of the body, with the goal of improving and bringing balance to the flow of energy (chi or prana) in an individual.

Chakra Balancing Session

The purpose of chakra balancing is to support a balanced flow that will sustain our overall level of energy.  In our everyday life, we are subjected to a number of activities, sources of stress and demands that result in fluctuations in our energy level.  Some may feel draining, others fulfilling or nourishing.  Furthermore, past events … Continue reading Chakra Balancing Session

Yin Yang Balance

Yin Yang Balance

Achieve Health, Wealth and Body Balance Through Yin Yang Mastery Tap into the powers of Yin Yang Balance.  Discover how to live in peace and harmony in a world full of uncertainty and dramatically improve your quality of life today through Yin Yang Balance!  You can fully equip yourself with these "must have" tools for … Continue reading Yin Yang Balance

Chakras and Chakra Balancing Course

Chakras and Chakra Balancing

Course Description:  Chakras and Chakra Balancing covers the anatomy of the human energy system, including Chakras and Energy Bodies (the aura).  Learn how balance and imbalance within the energy system can affect your overall well-being.  Learn about the colors of the auras and what they mean, balance and imbalance of the seven chakras, and yin-yang … Continue reading Chakras and Chakra Balancing