Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki uses simple light touch, referred to as hands-on, or no-touch techniques, with the goal of improving the flow of energy in an individual.

We specialize in no-touch and distance Reiki sessions and have many options available including:

  • Traditional Usui Reiki
  • Non-traditional Reiki
  • Crystal Reiki
  • Reiki for Animals

Energy Work & Spiritual Support Services

Please contact us for inquiries regarding spiritual support services and other methods of Energy Work.  These sessions are addressed from the perspective of an Ordained Healing Minister on a donation basis and we do not use customary fee schedules for ministerial services.



Local Reiki Session

• Book Now •   We specialize in no-touch local Reiki sessions.  If you are located in the Upper East Tennessee area, please contact us for directions.  Appointments for local sessions are limited, and by referral only.   Links of Interest. Introduction to Reiki for New Clients. What is Reiki? See Our Reiki Room. Frequently Asked … Continue reading Local Reiki Session

Distance Reiki Session

  • Book Now • We have been offering individual Distance Reiki Sessions since 2012. We have had hundreds of clients worldwide, and we have received amazing feedback with regard to these powerful sessions!   Links of Interest. Introduction to Reiki for New Clients. Serene Scenes Video Playlist. Reiki Music Playlist. Frequently Asked Questions. How … Continue reading Distance Reiki Session

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